Winn Brook School HAMsters Entertain Special Ham Visitors

Winn Brook HAMsters visit 06/02/06, photo #1Winn Brook HAMsters visit 06/02/06, photo #2

The Winn Brook school HAMsters of Belmont received two special visitors on June 2–Phil Temples, K9HI and Dr. Ariel Cohen, K9ERA. The first-graders, taught by Donna LaRoche, KB1LWY, were treated to stories by Temples and Cohen about their ham radio experiences and their respective careers. Cohen spoke of her first contact by Morse code with another woman in Alaska, and her public service work during a hurricane in North Carolina. Temples described how Amateur Radio can be used by people with disabilities to communicate with others even when they may be unable to see, hear or speak. The children, in turn, treated the husband-and-wife team to a “Collection Day” show-and-tell of special objects and memorabilia.

This marks the third year the Watertown couple have visited Donna La Roche’s first grade class. Other recent ham visitors have included Dr. Chuck Counselman, W1HIS, and Bill McIninch, KA1MOM. The class is affiliated with the ARRL’s Education and Technology Program, a.k.a. “The Big Project.”

photos courtesy KB1LWY

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