W1MPN Announces He Will Not Seek Second Term As SM

ARRL flagARRL Section Manager Michael P. Neilsen, W1MPN writes on the ARRL Members list:

“I just returned from a wonderful vacation this evening, which allowed me to reflect on the question of whether to volunteer again to be your Section Manager. It is mixed emotions that I have decided not to continue in office past December 31st 2006, the last regular day of my term. It has truly been an honor to serve you.

“After much reflection on what will be a solemn day tomorrow for all of us, I now believe that my work is finished and I can move on to other pursuits. I have also come to the conclusion that is time the torch be passed to an individual with some different points of view of our hobby. It is my understanding that ARRL Headquarters will identify other candidates for you to consider and vote on this fall. The new SM will then assume my office on January 1st.

“I feel much has been accomplished since I assumed duties as the Section Emergency Coordinator in May 2001. Together with some very talented and devoted individuals, we have made our section one of the most ready for emergency communications in the ARRL national organization. That effort continued after I assumed office as SM on January 1st, 2004. We also instituted notable improvements in our communications suite with digital modes. Productive relationships continued with RACES and MARS. New life was breathed into our now robust relationship with the American Red Cross. Much work was done with Major Will Leslie of the Salvation Army to reestablish the Massachusetts Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (MVOAD). Moreover, we greatly improved our information sharing with members through our innovative website, as well as creating a very robust internet based emergency response database.

“Each important part of the hobby was represented by very talented individuals. I would like to specifically thank Rob, KD1CY, SEC, for a truly extraordinary job. I cannot begin to describe here the monumental contribution he has made to our section. He, in turn, is supported by the most professional volunteers I have been privileged to serve with. Much sage advice and friendship was provided by Carl, N1FY, my ASM and Chief of Staff. He also established our Incident Command Post, significantly enhancing our readiness. A well done to Phil, N1XTB, for his efforts in bringing our emergency database to life. Phil, K9HI, added a special measure to our information exchange with our members through his timely and interesting upkeep of our website. I am indebted to Mike, K1LJN, for staying on in my administration as our OOC even though he wanted to retire. Many thanks to Jim, N1LKJ, as our steadfast STM, Ron, W1PLW, our PIC and Shawn, K3HI, for his government relation work for both the EMA and WMA sections. Many others, too numerous to mention here, have also contributed to the betterment of our section during my term.

“When the new SM is identified, please throw your support his or her way. I know I will!

“My best regards to you all.”


de W1MPN

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