N1IBB Profiled In Globe West Article

newspaper iconA Newton ham was profiled in the December 14, 2006 Boston Globe‘s “Globe West” regional section. In “Supervisor, inmates on the same page” Matt Chao, N1IBB describes his work supervising inmates in the Braille production shop at the Bay State Correction Center in Norfolk, MA. Blind himself, Chao works with inmates alone, without the help of a correction officer.

“I’m providing a service–through what my inmates do–to kids who need Braille material. I like and believe in what I’m doing,” N1IBB is quoted as saying.

The article describes Chao’s extracurricular activities which include swimming at the YMCA, as well as his winning several national championships in blind sailing. Chao is shown with his guide dog, Wafer.

[Full story on Boston.com]

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