Whitman Hams Present To Scout Troop

Whitman ARC Scout presentation, pix 3Members of the Whitman Amateur Radio Club presented on ham radio to scouts in Whitman January 25.

Paul Moss, KB1MTW, attended the Scout den meeting at the Cardinal Spellman Center in Whitman, while Bill Hayden, N1FRE participated while mobile from another location in Whitman.

The scouts were “delighted to be able to participate with on-the-air experience.” Some brief ham radio information was exchanged during their contact over the Whitman two-meter repeater.

A “surprise message” welcoming the group was sent in Morse code and was later interpreted.

Special QSL cards were sent to each scout.

Whitman ARC Scout presentation, pix 1Whitman ARC Scout presentation, pix 2

Shown here (l-r): Paul Moss, KB1MTW; Scouts of Den 12; (top): Bill Hayden, N1FRE

Thanks, Whitman ARC Spectrum, February 2007

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