Western Mass ARES Stands Down/Request for Support Done…Gardner Victim Found

Hello to all….

FYI….the victim has been found and assistance is no longer required. Special thanks to all those who assisted in supporting this event. See email below:

Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator

Original Message:
From: wb1arz@aol.com
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2007 15:40:12 -0400
To: Wect@wpi.edu, echatter@cmara.org, K1vsc@yahoo.com, K1KWP@amsat.org, w1plw@aol.com, kd1cy@comcast.net, n1sr@arrl.net, kd1xp@kd1xp.org, Lrizzo@gmail.com, Ae1dg@cmara.org
Subject: Stand Down of Search and Rescue mission

I want to personally thank everyone for your efforts today and last night, particularly those that came out and braved difficult conditions in the woods?in and around?Gardner, MA.?plus the heat and humidity this afternoon, and all of your hard work to locate this missing person.

A short while ago, I?received a telephone call from ARES SEC, WMA, John Ruggiero, N2YHK (who also serves within the WECT ranks as an Assistant Team Leader,) that the individual who was missing has been located! However, I was further informed that it is a local police matter now, which suggests a negative outcome. Sometimes these things happen and we cannot ever know why. The person in question was despondent.

Officially all groups are asked at this time to stand down. The search is over. Thank you again for your efforts and your offers to assist. If anyone has comments regarding their involvement in this action, whether limited or full blown, please email both John, N2yhk (nwyhk@wpi.edu) and myself (wb1arz@aol.com) so that we can review our response overall and figure out where we excelled and we we did not. In this we can help improve our methods for the next time something like this happens.

73 all,

Mark, WB1ARZ
ARES EC, City of Worcester
Director, WECT

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