Ham Assistance For Hospital EOCs Explored

hospital emergency room signSteve Telsey, N1BDA writes on PART-L:

Have you been interested in emergency communications but been put off by elaborate go-kits, working in rain and snow, and eating MREs? Would you prefer to work in a controlled environment where food was available and a minimal “kit” was required?

Several hospitals are looking for small groups (4-6) of hams to provide auxiliary communications in their EOCs. Yes, hospitals are putting together EOCs and adding communications like satellite phones and statewide medical network radios. However, they may need to contact other hospitals or MEMA. And they may need reports from people in the field about possible incoming patients.

Initial discussions are underway with hospitals. We are looking to establish pilot programs with a small number of hospitals. Interested parties should contact me rather than hospital personnel. One requirement the hospitals have is that the volunteers be committed to supporting the hospital and not have primary responsibilities to RACES, ARES, town emergency management, and the like. They can certainly work with other groups, but must be willing to support the hospital when needed. Another is that the hams participate in initial hospital training on basic procedures, undergo a background check (probably CORI), and take part in periodic drills.

Does working at a community hospital during disasters appeal to you? If so, please let me know at n1bda@arrl.net. I’d like to hold a meeting in mid-October or thereabouts to go into more details and answer questions you may have.


Steve, N1BDA

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