MMRA Changes Repeater Antenna To Help Protect PAVE PAWS

MMRA logoThe antenna of the Minuteman Repeater Association‘s Stoneham UHF repeater will soon be replaced, according to MMRA President Bob DeMattia, K1IW.

“The new antenna will provide a -30 db null toward the PAVE PAWS radar in Bourne, versus a current antenna gain of +5dB.”

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DeMattia says the new antenna will provide a directional pattern with a major lobe directed at 345 degrees magnetic “creating a line through Woburn, Wilmington, Tewksbury, and Pelham, NH.” Stations in the major lobe could see a signal gain of 10 dB.

K1IW writes, “The 3dB beamwidth is 60 degrees, so stations along the lines of Burlington, Carlisle, Westford and Reading, Andover, Haverhill will see 7 dB improvement. Once outside this wedge, signal strength drops off quickly. On the direct side of the antenna, signal is -20 dB. There are no appreciable minor lobes.

DeMattia says that signal reports are welcome.

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