Ham Help Needed For WGBH Open House

Boston ARC logoBob Salow, WA1IDA writes on 9/30/07:

I just got the information on the WGBH Open House, and hams are needed.

It’s very late (in our terms), but the WGBH staff has been overwhelmed by the move into their new grand facilities on Market Street in Brighton and then planning the Open House. After months of inquiry, I finally have firm enough info to put together a plan for ham deployment.

For this year, at least, WGBH will hold an Open House instead of the Ice Cream FunFest. SATURDAY, 13 OCTOBER, and SUNDAY, 14 OCTOBER. We will be needed on both days from 0800 to about 1500. 5-7K visitors are expected both days. For over 20 years the Boston Amateur Radio Club has responded to their request for communications to assist and protect the visitors at WGBH.

Because the new facility has very limited parking, two solutions have been arranged. Shuttle buses will run from near three T stations and from two remote parking lots all day. Hams will be located at each site and at the WGBH building to relay visitor congestion and parking problems. You may go directly to your assigned location.

Unlike past support, it will be necessary to use a repeater to cover the territory – probably on 2 meters. Helpful is an antenna better than the “rubber duck” that came with your radio, as well as battery capacity to last the day. Depending on available hams, shift coverage may be arranged.

Time is short and your help is needed on one or both days. For those who have not done much ham public service, this is an excellent opportunity to get familiar without much effort. Please contact me as quickly as possible. Assignments and more details to follow. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Bob Salow, WA1IDA

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