Zola Center Founder Receives Cash Award to Promote Ham Radio

A Brighton woman has been awarded funding to operate a program promoting ham radio communication for women with disabilities.

Donna Suskawicz, who founded the Irving Zola Center for Persons with Disabilities, was selected the winner in the nationwide Avon Hello Tomorrow Fund. Suskawicz says that the award money will allow her to “assist with training, purchasing equipment and sending at least one woman to the summer Courage Center Handiham camp.” Suskawicz adds that she looks forward to working on the project with the Boston Amateur Radio Club in the coming year.

“I am thrilled to be nationally recognized and will continue to work to empower persons with disabilities,” writes Suskawicz, who competed against 1300 applicants for the $5000 cash prize. She adds, “One person CAN make a difference!”

The Irving K. Zola Center for Persons with Disabilities at Brigham House is a drop-in community center for persons with disabilities. The center is named for Irving Kenneth Zola, a resident of Newton, MA, who was an internationally known sociologist and advocate who specialized in disability studies and medical sociology.

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