Updates In Store For SEMARA Repeater

SEMARA logoMembers of the Southeastern MA Amateur Radio Association have some interesting improvements to their repeater to look forward to.

According to SEMARA’s Rick Cabral, W1RJC, new “voice-overs” are being produced by WBZ radio anchor/reporter Greg Jenson. “Once we have them, voice IDs, upcoming events and top of hour announcements will be added to repeater once again.”

Also in the works is a single “boop” courtesy tone will let repeater users know that the IRLP & EchoLink node is idle. “The traditional 3-tone musical ‘stardust’ courtesy tone will let you know that the node is connected,” adds Cabral.

“We will be installing a 2nd computer at the repeater site to remotely control and upload voice messages to the repeater, as well as stream the repeater audio live eventually,” says W1RJC.

Lastly, the club has a long-term goal of installing a 16-channel Motorola remote base radio on the repeater to allow linking to the Minuteman Repeater Association repeaters for the monthly ARES net and to other systems.

–Thanks, SEMARA Zero Beat, December 2007

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