Harvard Wireless Club Centennial Plans Underway

Harvard Wireless Club shieldThe Harvard Wireless Club is in the process of establishing a “Centennial Business Plan” to commemorate the 100th anniversary of its existence with on-air events and activities throughout 2009, according to HWC President Zane Wruble, W2YL.

As part of the festivities, former HWC members would be encouraged to use their callsigns with the suffix “/100” or “/100HWC”. Non-HWC amateurs would be encouraged to contact “/100” stations who would transmit their graduating class year and calls sign while attending Harvard. Non-undergrads and alumni would send their affiliation. Certificates would be issued to anyone contacting 100, 50, 25 or ten “/100” stations.

Wruble plans to work with ARRL and FCC in the hopes of obtaining a special “W100AF” call sign for use during 2009. She also plans to establish operating schedules for HWC members to ensure that the club station is on the air “at least a few hours every week” during 2009.

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