CEMARC Makes A Return Appearance

CEMARC logoEastern MA Affiliated Club Coordinator Chris Smith, K1CJS writes:

Back in the late 1980s/early 1990s, the thought that a club council meeting regularly to pass information and ideas between clubs in the section was conceived and implemented. The birth of CEMARC, the Council of Eastern Massachusetts Amateur Radio Clubs, was the result. The council met at quarterly intervals, and was an effective means of accomplishing the goals of that time–the exchange of information.

Since then, technological advancement and other changes have all but ended the need for quarterly meetings for the exchange of such information. In addition, because of other things we have less and less time to spare to attend those meetings. Lately, it seems we have to have to make time just to work the bands!

In an effort to reestablish a method of contact while not taking away from what little spare time we have, we have taken advantage of the web and the Yahoo Groups website to try to reestablish a common and direct route between clubs and ham operators in the section. The CEMARC group at Yahoo has been started to again provide a common, single channel of communication for all eastern Massachusetts section clubs.

Any ham operator may join the group–the only thing that is needed is a amateur radio call sign which will be verified before access is given. Stop by and give it a look see–and join. Hope to see you there!

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