EMA Amateur Seeks Donations For “Beep Baseball” Trip

An Eastern MA amateur is asking for donations to help his Beep Baseball team, the Boston Renegades, afford a trip to the Beep Baseball World Series in Houston, Texas.

Joe O’Neill, KY1B of Chelmsford, who is blind, is very involved and has played in the sport for years. Beep Baseball is sponsored by the National Beep Baseball Association.

The sport is designed for visually impaired adults to play baseball. The ball beeps and is a modified, and oversized, softball. According to Wikipedia, “The bases are blue, nearly 5 feet tall, and have mostly foam interior with the electronics that cause it to buzz steadily when a switch is thrown. They are each placed 100 feet from homeplate and are in the equivalent positions to first and third bases in regular baseball.”

A video that demonstrates that sport can be viewed at

O’Neill is a long-time member of the Billerica Amateur Radio Society.

If you are interested in helping O’Neill and his fellow team members,visit the on-line donation site http://www.firstgiving.com/abc23.

Thanks, Billerica ARS Newsletter, April, 2008

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