UPDATED 7/27/08: Mass Statewide Hurricane Drill – Monday August 4th 2008 at 7 PM

Hello to all…

..Updated Participants Manual to correct the title page, remove a paragraph on regional simplex that will not be done to this drill and corrected the Winlink Frequencies and added a link to the Winlink Documentation on the ARES web site. Remainder is unchanged..

In lieu of the RACES and ARES Nets for Monday August 4th, 2008, there will be a Massachusetts Statewide Hurricane Drill on Monday August 4th, 2008 starting at 7 PM. The drill will follow a similar format as past hurricane drills that have occurred in June of past years. The reason the drill is occurring later this year is because Region Two held a more concentrated/localized drill on the Cape Cod Emergency Traffic plan back in mid-May of this year.

The drill will follow a similar format seen in past statewide hurricane drills. The scenario has been finalized and the participants document can be seen via the link below:

Hurricane Matt 2008 Mass Statewide Hurricane drill

MEMA Region Two has determined that they will use NTS traffic for this exercise. A request is being made for utilization of Winlink/Airmail digital modes along with the various voice nets and voice liaison paths on HF, EchoLink/IRLP etc. as done in past drills.

Thanks to all in advance for supporting this drill!

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Robert Macedo (KD1CY)
ARES SKYWARN Coordinator
Eastern Massachusetts ARES Section Emergency Coordinator
Pager #: (508) 354-3142
Home Phone #: (508) 994-1875 (After 6 PM)
Home/Data #: (508) 997-4503 (After 6 PM)
Work Phone #: 1-800-445-2588 Ext.: 72929 (8 AM-5 PM)
Email Address: rmacedo@rcn.com

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