Waltham ARA 146.64 Now Mixed Mode Analog/APCO P25

Waltham ARA logoJohn Mullaney, K1BOS writes:

The Waltham Amateur Radio Association‘s 2-meter repeater (146.640 MHz) is now a APCO P25 mixed mode Quantar. It will stay mixed mode only if the analog users don’t complain too loudly. If you have VHF P25 radios you are free to use it, but please give right of way to analog users, and keep P25 use out of drive time.

For regular non-digital users a transmit CTCSS of 100.0 Hz has been added so that you don’t have to hear P25 digital noise. The input is still carrier squelch so folks without CTCSS (I guess there are still a few) can still use the repeater but CTCSS 100.0 Hz will also work and will keep your radio silent during P25 activity. For digital folks the NAC is 293.

We would also be interested in range reports compared to the GE Master 2 that was removed from service.

146.640 MHz – 100.0 Hz out
146.040 MHz Carrier Squelch in
NAC293 (input for P25)

–Thanks, Boston ARC The SPARC, July 2008

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