WGBH Channel 2 Analog To Continue Transmitting After DTV Switch?

Rich Zack, K1RJZ writes on GEMotoChat:

Subject: 6M and ch2…  take 2
From:    “Zach, Rick J”
Date:    Mon, January 26, 2009 3:13 pm
To:      “gemotochat”
Cc:      “Bryan W1BRI Cerqua”


6M and ch2…  take 2

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Rockefeller (WV) and Ranking Member
Hutchison (TX) agreed on compromise language for Senate legislation to
extend the DTV hard date to June 12, 2009  (might be less??? -RZ) . Senate
Leadership attempted to hotline the proposal  last night to determine
whether the compromise language would pass under a unanimous consent
agreement. However, objections were raised to the bill’s advancement.
Both the House and the Senate were in recess on Friday, but will resume
legislative business on Monday, January 26, which will present the next
opportunity for congressional activity.

A key change is that stations will still have the option to turn off
analog on Feb-17th and will be required to turn off analog TX’s in June.
If the Boston stations actually turn off all analog TX’s on Feb 17th, WGBH
plans to keep ch2 analog on the air until March 3rd with “nightlight
service” to tell viewers where to go for more information and help.  Ch2
may or may not do this at reduced power.  Again all of this info has a lot
of if’s, so only consider this as a potential “direction” towards your 6M

The text of the changes are attached.
Rick Zach, Chief Engineer
WCVB-TV  WCVB-DT  ch-5 Boston

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