Get Your Technician Class License In a Day Class Sponsored by CAARA Saturday 1/30/2010

As provided by Bill Poulin-WZ1L from the PRA Email List with a few edits:

The Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association (CAARA) in Gloucester, MA is offering a “You Can Get Your Tech In a Day” Class on Saturday, January 30,2010. ((Introduction Beginning 8am) and Testing will probably start at 4pm.))
Seating is limited.
You spend 6 hours studying the questions and answers on the FCC element for Technician Class and at the end of study, you will be given the Element 2 examination.  The test is 35 questions and you only need 26 to pass the test.
Cost and Requirements:
Course Fee:  $5.00  (Includes materials and snacks)
Test Fee:    $15.00 (Required by FCC)
Bring Photo ID and Social Security Number

For more information, contact Stan Stone, W4HIX. His email address is stan at lanescove dot us
You must sign up ahead of time.
Sponsored by the Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association, Gloucester, MA  01930.

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