ARES Team Mobilization – Important Update

North Shore ARES Notification #1  Red Cross, Newburyport Request for Support

OVERVIEW – Updated

North Shore ARES moved to full activation status by KB1KQW and KA1NCF effective Friday afternoon at 13:00 due to request for help by Red Cross Newburyport.  Numerous power outages remain and shelters operation are being planned as well as some Disaster Assessment teams being deployed.  Shelters are for displaced residents and this is expected to continue through at least Sunday night.

Please continue to send your availability to


*  North Shore ARES is currently in FULL ACTIVATION mode for ARES-MAT support to affected areas.
*  Pictures of damage or coastal flooding are requested by FEMA from this event, please send to
*  The next update to this message will be Friday late afternoon as information becomes available, time and information permitting.

Eric Horwitz  KA1NCF
North Shore ARES District Emergency Coordinator

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