ARES Team Mobilization – Important Update

North Shore ARES Notification #1 – Red Cross, Newburyport Request for Support

OVERVIEW – Updated
North Shore ARES moved to full activation status by KB1KQW and KA1NCF effective Friday afternoon at 13:00 due to request for help by Red Cross Newburyport.  Numerous power outages remain and shelters operation are being planned as well as some Disaster Assessment teams being deployed.  Shelters are for displaced residents and this is expected to continue through at least Sunday night.


North Shore ARES remains active is fully active at this time and lasting through Sunday evening – subject to change. 
At this Time we are looking for people who can be available between now until Sunday Night as needed as the information comes into us we will provide instruction.
Deployment instructions will only be provided by e-mail if additional deployment becomes necessary.

Please continue provide pictures of storm damage and recovery operations through email at

ARES-MAT support has been requested into portions of Northern Essex County, in the Newbury area for communications between shelters and their Red Cross office.  As well as a few to be deployed with Desater asesment teams for local Communications.

Support is expected to start Late Today or Tomorrow and continue through Sunday night and does have the potential to last through Monday if conditions do not improve in the affected areas. 
Please continue to monitor your email and the Danvers Repeater for further updates as they become available.

Deployment instructions will only be provided by e-mail if additional deployment becomes necessary.
We seek available stations to assist with various recovery operations currently being planned.  Some of these operations may include mobile operations, base operations, net control stations, and field ARES opportunities, which will be refined in the near future. 
Note:  Please let us know if you are available FROM FRIDAY THROUGH MONDAY, along with specific times and means to contact you.  Remember, please DO NOT SELF DEPLOY!  It is just as high an honor to submit your readiness as it is to work in the field. 
If deployed, you will need a mobile radio, power supply, antenna, coax, microphone, and an HT for backup communications.   Please also have backup and emergency power considerations, as there may or may not be power where deployment takes place. As always, please make sure your personal needs are taken care of as well.
Please send your availability to at this TIME WE ARE ONLY TAKING EMAILS!!! and we will add you to the list.  I would like to have everyone’s availability coordinated ASAP, since we are currently in an activated mode.
As the recovery operation continues to take place, we remain in need of the following:

ARES-MAT Assistance
Shelter operations
Net Control Volunteers
Pictures of storm damage as requested by FEMA (VERY important – send to pics @
Other emergency communications duties as requested
Please continue to send your availability to
*  North Shore ARES is currently in FULL ACTIVATION mode for ARES-MAT support to affected areas.
*  Pictures of damage or coastal flooding are requested by FEMA from this event, please send to
*  The next update to this message will be Friday late afternoon as information becomes available, time and information permitting.
Eric Horwitz – KA1NCF
North Shore ARES District Emergency Coordinator

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