“Find Your Way” Guidance Appears on the ARRL.ORG Website

Find Your Way

Newington CT – The ARRL recently posted a special section to help users navigate around their new website.  The site is still not functioning without significant problems, but the ARRL now feels that it is time for general users to start their own journeys on the site.  Please click on the ARRL Logo on the top left of this page, and then click on this special logo on their site to begin your exploration and familiarization.

The hope is that the users will take the time to submit cogent observations and constructive suggestions for the improvement of the site.  Recently, Mike, K1TWF, at the recent NSRA meeting (please see story below), counseled this very point observing that persistence on their part would only go to help with rapid resolution.  It was also announced that Harold Kramer, WJ1B, ARRL’s Chief Operating Officer, stated that returning to the old format or running it in parallel with the new format is not a viable option.

During the same meeting, Mike, K1TWF, and Mike, W1MPN, were asked to explain the noticable decline in service in many parts of the ARRL organization.  W1MPN replied that the “all hands on deck” approach to solve the functionality problem with their new website undoubtably has contributed to this problem.  The SM reinterated that the section staff stands ready to help members address any pressing problems with Headquarters.   W1MPN stated that in the interim, this (ema.arrl.org) website will continue to have pertinent information and news for members use.

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