MMRA Fox On The Air At Boxboro Convention

MMRA logoThe Minuteman Repeater Association Foxbox will be hidden and activated at the ARRL New England Division Convention in Boxboro on August on August 27, 2010 before 6 PM. It will continue to operate during the Convention.

According to a special edition of the organization’s newsletter, the device will periodically transmit on 145.630, PL 146.2. It will be moved on Saturday at around 5 PM to a new location. MMRA will publish a list of those who find the box on Friday and Saturday at their booth by noon on Sunday. The successful foxhunters’ identities will also be announced in the MMRA September newsletter.

The organization wants to assist those newcomers who desire a little help in getting started in fox hunting. “Let us know if you would like to have an experienced fox hunter give you tips or even potentially lead you on a fox hunt.”




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