D-STAR Update

Terry Stader, KA8SCP writes on PART-L:

[This came in on another mail list; some good stuff for D-STAR users.]

“There are some items of interest to the D-Star user community worth making you aware of.

First and foremost, the 2 meter D-Star machine in Salem NH K1HRO port C has changed frequencies this morning (Wednesday , 8/25/2010 ), to 145.310.

Second, the N1HIT port C repeater has had a tremendous amount of work done, and is performing much better. It remains local only, no internet available yet, but we are checking a possible new source on that too. Please try it as much as possible, there are a few RF issues still, but it is about as good as possible. Reminder of the frequency: 145.320 on Mt Uncanoonuc in Goffstown on the WMUR tower.

Third, the Police Amateur Radio Team of Westford using WB1GOF C on 2 meters is about to go live any day now, hopefully prior to the Convention. Their frequency is 145.330.

Note that this was the frequency K1HRO had been on, and certain radios will attempt to reprogram the RPT 1 and RPT 2 settings automatically, so brush up those programming skills! Also note that this represents fairly close proximity and New England Spectrum Management Council coordination on 10 KHz channel spacing at 145.310, .320 & .330 all within a 30 mile triangle.

The folks at Minuteman Repeater Association are working hard to get the Prudential Boston repeater 145.160 W1MRA C up on their internet gateway server which will broaden their presence.

Finally, there are lots of activities on the experimental side – in Hudson NH Jim WA1SOT has added mixed mode on 449.975 call sign KB1UAP B. This is on a seperate trust server, very active in the Toronto area, and in Europe. N1FCC is close to deploying the KB1TIX B 446.725 and C 145.400 repeaters in Kensington NH.

These are noteworthy because there is a very aggressive trend to add an application on the gateway servers (called ircDDB) that allows full callsign routing and repeater callsign routing like the early days of D-Star (prior to D-Plus) across both the traditional US-Trust/K5TIT in Texas, and the international trust (Multi-Trust network), and even onto IRC, if that is the best path! Both WB1GOF and K1HRO are running the ircDDB addon. (Read more at http://www.ircddb.net)

To summarize:

Look for K1HRO port C now on 145.310;
Try N1HIT port C as much as possible on 145.320 and announce power and location;
Watch for WB1GOF port C on 145.330, and brush up on the programming, callsign routing, repeater to repeater calling if you want to cross trust to trust among those systems that have the ircDDB add-on installed.

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  1. The W1DSR system on 145.140

    The W1DSR system on 145.140 is being relocated from Milford to Hopkinton and should be back on the air soon as well.

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