North Middlesex ARES Group

Darrel Mallory, K1EJ writes:

Now that [PART] members have a chance to read about ARES® and its 75 years in QST [see ARES Anniversary], a word is needed about the local organization of ARES which has been in existence for about 8 years. The original motivation was brought about by a visit to the Trade Center on Labor Day of 2001. A week later it became apparent that help was needed in this locality for someone to step up and be counted. The group was formed to bring together hams of like mind to do what hams do in emergencies.

The original thought behind the plan was to form an Umbrella Group in which members could come together for resources and for motivation. Out of this group came at least 3 RACES officers, a RACES operator and many others interested in public safety such as CERT and Medical Reserve Corps.

The members have provided coverage for the Chelmsford July parade with one exception for 5 years working with the Chelmsford emergency manager to keep a safe and orderly environment and to keep the reviewing stand appraised of the parade order announcements.

They are fortunate that they can perform at any time during ice storms, or other events without waiting for the local government to call for volunteers as does RACES. They can work together with RACES as a unit when the need arises.

There are 33 signed members with registered qualifications, but are looking for help from anyone when needed.

The group has a regular meeting each month at the Adams Library in Chelmsford center on the (usually) fourth Monday.

Darrel Mallory, K1EJ – North Middlesex ARES Emergency Coordinator – Assistant Middlesex District Emergency Coordinator via Police Amateur Radio Team PARTicles, September 2010

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