Massasoit ARA Assists With D.W. Field Park Triathlon

Members of the Massasoit Amateur Radio Association and others provided communication support for the Sixth Annual D. W. Field Park Triathlon on Sunday, September 19, 2010. The weather cooperated wonderfully; 129 participants registered for the triathlon which consisted of a 14 mile bike race followed by 1.7 mile canoe/kayak race, and a 4 mile road race. The event was situated in a beautiful park setting, complete with swans and great blue herons nearby. The park was closed to all but race participants.

Thanks, NI1X and Whitman ARC “Spectrum”

Amateur radio volunteers (L-R): Bob Keene, N1LCY; Paul Moss, KB1MTW; Carl Aveni, N1FY; Paul Burbine, N1VTI, kneeling; Karen Trask, KB1UBX; Bob Loring, K1REL; Phil McNamara, N1XTB with his son Philip, SWL; Roy Logan, KB1CYV; and Bruce Hayden, NI1X. Not present when the picture was taken: Allan Cox, K1VQ and Bob Azanow, KA1KIJ.

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