Possible Waltham May 12-13 Special Event Station Looking for Volunteers

Bill Mc Ininch, KA1MOM writes on the Waltham ARA mailing list:

On May 12-13 slightly over 10 square miles of Waltham will be transformed into the world of Jules Verne for an entire weekend to become International Steampunk City, an event expected to draw between 12,000 and 15,000 people. The staff of Charles River Museum of Industry, the headquarters of the event, would like to have a wireless station (the kind that glows in the dark if possible) to link the event to the rest of the world. Unusual possibilities may include being able to string a Zepp from a real miniature zeppelin. The museum is looking both for hams to staff a special event station and for possible backup communications for the various venues across town. Best way to see what’s planned while the internationalsteampunkcitywaltham.org site is being finished up is to Google the event name and read the scattered planning documents or to check it out on Facebook. Anyone with antique gear who might want to show it off is a! lso welcome.

Anyone interested in being a formal part of this event can get in touch with me or with CRMI director Ellen Hagney (Elln Hagney on Facebook). Anyone not able to be part of the crew but interested in a great way to unwind the week after Walk For Hunger should still check it out and come enjoy the mostly (everything outdoors) free fun. NOTE: for the non-free items, things will be run much like First Night.

For next year’s event: a non-transmitting copy of the Massie spark gap station should be finished in time to disguise more modern equipment, including the pump handle key.

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