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QRPARCI logoRon Silvia, WB1HGA writes:

If you all don’t already know, QRP Amateur Radio Club International is currently celebrating its 50th Anniversary (Golden Jubilee) this year. I been a member of this club since 1980. Our goal is to promote (discover) and encourage QRP activity. The club holds as many radio ‘tests as ARRL does and are very popular and well attended. There are also QRP calling frequencies on each bands. Awards are also provided, such as the 1000 miles per watt, QRP WAS, etc. To celebrate this anniversary, they are having one state represented each week. The club call is issued to that state and for one week, make as many QSOs as possible.

I have volunteered to be the point of contact for MA. I have two tasks to perform in preparation: To select a week to represent MA, then gather ops to use their stations with the club’s call.

I would like to select a week that can be both radio related or historically related to MA.

(NEQSO Party week has been selected by another state)

The purpose of this email is to solicit input from everyone regarding a good week to put MA on the map.

Please Email suggestions to wb1hga@arrl.net.

Afterwards, there will be an announcement as to which week MA will be represented in the QRPARCI web site.

The next phase will be seeking ops to volunteer their time to op that week using the QRPARCI club call. (Of course, you will be using 5 watts or less.) This is a fun event.

For more information about the club including the scheduled states, go to:


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