MA RMV Snafu With Ham Plates

KA1ULT MA plateDo you have a MA ham radio license plate? Do you need an inspection sticker?

According to Kevin Paetzold, K1KWP and other amateurs, you might run into a bit of a snafu getting your car inspected–at least for the moment.

Paetzold says he went to get his car inspected on May 12, and was told that the Registry of Motor Vehicles “cannot process inspections” for ham radio plates at this time.

According to Paetzold, “After hearing this from my inspection station I was able to verify this with the RMV itself.”

K1KWP was told there is supposedly “a fix in the works which should be available next week”. He adds, “The guy at the RMV told me [over the phone] that they changed their software to not accept anything but alphas and numbers. Therefore, ‘slant bar’ (the character that represents the “lightning bolt” on the plate) no longer works.”

In the meantime, those who have stickers that expire in May will just have to keep their fingers crossed.

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