NTSD Available for Field Day Messages (And Beyond)

NTSD – The National Traffic System Digital network runs alongside the traditional NTS nets and covers the entire United States with liaison into Canada. Message traffic placed into the NTSD is relayed via scanning HF Pactor 2 and Pactor 3 MBO’s throughout the country which operate 24/7 and are accessed regularly by assigned digital relay stations who remove traffic from the MBO’s for local relay or delivery. The system is managed by area digital coordinators. Station KW1U in Concord MA operates a 24/7 MBO on HF with a VHF link on 145.09 Mhz via W1JOE-7 into the N1XTB-4 BBS.

For Field Day messages in Eastern Mass, it is best to put messages on the N1XTB BBS which will then forward to KW1U for relay on HF as needed. See instructions on the ‘nts.ema.arrl.org ‘website under ‘packet procedures’ for help. If you are unable to access this BBS, station KW1U can be accessed via HF Pactor 1, 2 or 3 on one of the scanning frequencies below, all given in center frequencies: 3591.9, 3593.9, 7100.4, 7102.4 10140.9, 10142.9, 14095.9, 14097.9, 14112.4. For help contact Marcia at kw1u@arrl.net or kw1u@winlink.org.

Good luck with Field Day, and keep those messages coming!

73, Marcia KW1U

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