Hams/ARES Participate in Scituate Health Department Anthrax Medicine Dispensing Drill

The following report from ARES Emergency Coordinator, Bob Callahan-W1QWT:

We had the Anthrax medicine dispensing drill in Scituate on Saturday June 2. The participants were comprised of member of the Medical Corps, Town Employees, CERT, and ARES. This was a setup drill only. Bob-W1QWT was the communications person and he set up the radios for everyone to use.

The State provided 12 FRS radios which were used for communications around the dispensing site
which was the Jenkins school. The State provided two Motorola UHF radios programmed to the
Scituate Police frequency used to talk to the police. The plan was to have buses pick up
residents at the Greenbush train parking lot and the North Scituate train parking lot.

Hams were dispatched to those locations and used the 145.25 repeater to communicate back to the
Incident Commander (Board of Health Director).Also KB1FBA was stationed at the EMS center at the
Scituate Fire Department

Bob-W1QWT shadowed the Incident Commander with a HAM radio, CERT radio (MURS), and FRS radio. We
assembled for pre-training at 8:30 AM and were done by 11:30 AM.


Bob Callahan-W1QWT

In Thumbnail image: Sitting: W1BT(North Scituate Train Station), NS1N (Greenbush Train Station), KB1FBA (Scituate Fire Department) Standing: W1QWT (Comms with IC) Steve Litchfield (Security – not a HAM yet)

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