The following notice from Steve Ewald at ARRL was posted today.  The NTS logo is seen on this page.  If anyone is interested in products such as patches, T shirts, coffee mugs, etc. with the logo, please get in touch with and let him know your interest.  This would be great publicity for NTS.

Marcia KW1U



Hello, everyone.

I have some good news:  The ARRL Sales and Marketing Department is considering creating some items and products for sale with the

National Traffic System logo on them.

What kind of items would you be interesting in purchasing from the ARRL Store that features the National Traffic System?

For example, if any of these were available, would you like to get an NTS patch, sticker, a pin, a coffee mug, some kind of apparel. or something else?

Please send me your ideas and comments, and I will forward them to our Sales and Marketing Department for further consideration.

Thank you!


Steve Ewald, WV1X

Supervisor, Field Organization Team

ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio™


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