The Emergency Communications Advisory Committee (ECAC) was appointed by the ARRL Board of Directors to provide guidance to the Board on future emergency communications involving ARES and NTSThis committee has put together a survey in which they want as many NTS participants as possible to participate.  Below is the link to take this survey.  The suvey will end at midnight June 24, 2013.  Please spread the word.  Note this is only for those who do participate in NTS.  Thank you and 73,   Marcia KW1U



From the ECAC: 

Rumor Control Note: This is not an idea or suggestion list.  Although we are asking a wide range of questions here, it does not mean that any particular idea is under active consideration.  Our goal is to permit a broad range of opinions and ideas to be gathered.  The results will be used in discussions by the Emergency Communications Advisory Committee during development of guidance to the ARRL Board of Directors.

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