Cape Ann ARA Proposes Morse Code Class

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Rick Maybury, WZ1B writes on Cape Ann ARA list:

Last year during our CW class a suggestion came in to have a beginners class prior to our normal class. The suggestion was that those just starting out would be more comfortable getting grounded prior to joining a group of mixed-level skills.

So this is an inquiry to see if we have any members or non-members that are just beginning to learn CW and would like to participate in a class with others just starting out? If so the Seafarers Operations group will host a Saturday morning class beginning in November, 2 or 3 Saturdays a month.

If you are interested, please email me and if we have interest a class will be scheduled.

Attached is a letter that was sent out to members last year as a reference for your review regarding details of the class. We have been doing the class since the early 90s, resulting in many hams developing operating skills and passing performance exams.

If there is interest again this year, we will begin our normal 4 to 5 month class after the first of the year.



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