Many thanks to the Minuteman Repeater Association for the use of their linked repeater network and Echolink/IRLP nodes for Heavy Hitters Traffic Net.  The following information should be helpful in checking into the net.  Perhaps we may even get check-ins from far distant places! See you on HHTN.

Here is the list of repeaters and the  explanation on the best way to get into Echolink.
Marlborough 449.925
Mendon 146.61
Boston 146.82
Lowell 442.250
Burlington 446.775

At 9:55, the following systems link automatically into the above five and
remain that way until 11PM:

Burlington 146.715
Marlborough 147.270
Quincy 146.670
Marshfield 145.390
UHF PL is 88.5
2m PL is 146.2

New England Reflector Echolink: *NEW-ENG2*, IRLP node 9127

People who want to join via Echolink or IRLP need to connect to the reflector.
They will not be able to connect directly as our node will be busy since it is
already connected to the reflector.

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