Local Hams To Be Featured on CKUT-FM’s “The International Radio Report,” August 22, 2016

John Fisher, KC1FTJ writes on Billerica ARS list:

This mail is to let you know that this Sunday, August 22, 2016, fellow ham WB1HBU (Eric from Lynn) and myself will be in studio guests on “The International Radio Report” on CKUT FM in Montreal.

The time will be 10:30 AM. You can listen live via CKUT’s web site at www.ckut.ca. If you miss the show, it will be up on the stations archives in 24 hours.

The program is hosted by Sheldon Harvey, VE2SHW.

The show focuses on all aspects of radio, be it medium wave, Short wave broadcasts, scanner news and amateur radio. The show tends to focus also on Canadian / Quebec aspects radio . Still, it is an enjoyable show to listen to.

I am going to give a big hello to The Billerica Amateur Radio Society !!!. This is to thank you all for the encouragement you all gave in helping and encouraging me to get licensed and join this great hobby.


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