January 28 Knox County (ME) Exercise – Invitation to Participate via Winlink

Hi All,

Knox County will be having its quarterly emcomm exercise on Saturday
January 28. There are a number of internal goals for the county
ARES-RACES team but we would like to solicit the participation of other
groups by sending Winlink messages with flmsg ICS-213 attachments to the
Knox County EMA. Here is the relevant information:

1/28/2016 0800 to 1200 ET

The scenario is a statewide blizzard.

Winlink messages will be addressed to the Knox County EMA Winlink
address, KX1EMA (kx1ema@winlink.org)

The message body will include the method by which the sender accessed
the Winlink system (HF, VHF packet, telnet). While RF is preferred, the
intent is to get more groups using the Winlink Express client and the
Winlink system. Telnet (internet) is perfectly acceptable for this
exercise. All you need is an internet connected PC. No credit for
sending from a commercial email address.

Also in the message body, state the ARES/RACES team with whom you are
associated. Multiple messages from a single team are fine as long as the
sender call signs are different.

Winlink messages will include an attached flmsg ICS-213 form addressed
to KXEMA, Rockland, ME. Your ICS-213 will ask a simple question to which
the EMA will reply. Ideally the message should be from an agency person
but that's optional. You should prepare the message in advance of the
exercise. If you are not able to participate at the time of the
exercise, you may post your message the day before.

Be sure to include "TEST MESSAGE" in your message body and in the flmsg
ICS-213 attachment.

KXEMA will respond to each message using the Reply section of the ICS-213.

If you are not set up for Winlink, it's a relatively simple process.
Start by reading the Winlink section at
http://maine-ares.org/digital.htm. Then follow the link to the "RMS
Express Exercises." Flmsg may be downloaded from

Any questions on the exercise or the Winlink system, please contact me
(kb1tce@maine-ares.org or kb1tce@winlink.org)


Steve KB1TCE

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