Cape & Islands ARES Drill, April 22, 2017

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John O’Neill, K1JRO writes on the South Shore Hospital ARC mailing list:

Cape Cod ARES will be holding a drill on April 22nd from 10 AM – 12 noon.

This is an ideal opportunity for EOCs and hospitals to take part in an ARES drill and test their ability to communicate with stations on the Cape. South Shore Hospital will be participating in the drill. In today’s day and age, you never know where you may be needed, and where you may need to communicate to or from.

The Drill Details are as follows:

–Cape and Islands Exercise #58

The Cape Cod and Islands Amateur Radio Emergency Service District will conduct a technical test exercise in order to test its capability in establishing communications between one of its primary regional shelters and other fixed sites. Such sites include the Multi Agency coordination Center (MACC), EOCs, hospital stations, home stations etc. The technical test exercise called “Operation Shelter Hop” will test the ability of several fixed stations to provide communications coverage in our operational district and beyond. This will also be a drill to test some of our on/off Cape EOCs, primary stations and other ARES member home stations. The exercise will attempt to build upon the lessons learned from our past operational exercises.

The Primary objectives of this exercise are as follows:

Deploy a crew and operate from the Falmouth Regional shelter (Falmouth High School);
Deploy a crew and operate from the Multi Agency Coordination Center Station (MACC) at the Barnstable County Facility in Barnstable;
Establish and conduct a tactical net on simplex 2m FM;
Establish contact with Town RACES EOCs;
Establish contact with other ARES districts and their EOCs where possible;
Test and evaluate communications with home stations;
Communicate with the Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard ARES/RACES stations;
Conduct an HF contact on Cape for statewide practice and participation;
Test communications from Falmouth Club station on Joint Base Cape Cod;
Test communications from Falmouth Fire Station EOC.

The simplex frequency that will be used is 146.580.

John O’Neill
EMA DEC – Healthcare Liaison

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