New Fox Hunting Listserv Now On-line

A new fox hunting listserv is now on-line, according to PART of Westford‘s Dave Welsh, WI1R.

“This list is explicitly not just for PART members.  Anybody who is interesting in fox hunting, especially in the general area of Westford and the surrounding towns, is more than welcome to participate,” reports PART of Westford president Andy Stewart, KB1OIQ. “Please forward this email to any friends who may also be interested in fox hunting.”

The goal of fox hunting–otherwise known as Amateur Radio Direction Finding–is to find a hidden radio transmitter.  Typically, a transmitter would be hidden in conservation land well out of sight of passersby, and not in overly damp or other sensitive areas. 

“Make sure there is safe access to the fox.  Always be aware of your surroundings and your abilities.  Be safe and have fun!”

KB1OIQ invites fox box owners who deploy/hide their foxes to announce it via the list.   “Let us know when you’ve retrieved the fox so we’ll stop looking for it.  If there is a logbook, let us know who successfully found your fox.”

To sign up for the fox hunting list, go to and complete the form.  As a subscriber to the mailing list, you may post messages to  If you have questions or require assistance in joining the list, contact Dave Welsh, WI1R at

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