DMR Simplex Mountaintop Activity Planned, June 17, 2018

Gene Balinski, K1NR shared this photo of a summit on the air operationon the Algonquin ARC mailing list from Tim Watson, KB1HNZ:
I just wanted to get the word out that our club is planning a DMR Simplex activity for Sunday morning, June 17th. We will be having parties travel to the summits of Mt. Washington, NH, Mt. Equinox, VT, and Mt. Greylock, in Western Mass. We’re hoping to try for a couple of summit to summit contacts, but also, in order to make it a worthwhile [Summits On The Air] activation, we’d like to be able to work a few other stations besides each other. 

From past experience, calling CQ on DMR simplex doesn’t yield much, so please help spread the word!

The party on Mt. Washington will include KC1HBM and KC1XT.

Myself (KB1HNZ) and my wife, K1GJY will be traveling to the summits of Mt. Equinox and Mt. Greylock. The first stop will be Mt. Equinox, sometime between 8:30-9:00 AM.

We will be using 145.790 for VHF, and 446.075 for UHF. 

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