North Attleboro Kid’s Day, Volunteers Requested, June 19-22, 2018

Ray Cord, K2TGX writes on the Sturdy Memorial Hospital ARC mailing list:

After a very successful Norton Founders Day it is now on to the next Large Scale Public Event. North Attleborough Kids Day Thursday June 19th through Sunday June 22nd. While all the details are in Scott Bumpus’s email below,  it is important to note a few things:

1- It is a four day event

2- Hours of Operation are 11AM to 11PM Thursday-Saturday and 11AM to 6PM on Sunday.

3- There is a 5K Road Race on Sunday morning at 8AM-

4- EMA-CERT-MRC-HAM Volunteers have been asked to support Parking Lot operations.

5- There will Fireworks both Friday and Saturday

6- Meal Tickets will be available for Volunteers 

While we would love to have everyone volunteer to work the entire 12 hour shift Thursday through Sunday, we recognize that is both unrealistic and unhealthy. Past history has shown that the first hour and the last  hour each day is the slowest. Friday Saturday nights are the busiest because of the Fireworks at 9:15 PM. Having said that, we would like to have each Team pick a Day and a Time slot or more for their Team. If that is not practical because of work schedules,  then individuals can fill in as they see fit. We are looking at possible 12 Noon to 5:30 and 5:00PM to 10:30PM Schedules each of the days. The 8AM 5K Road race is only an hour or so on Sunday and should be easy to fill.

If you know of other Teams that did not get this email or an earlier one from MEMA please forward it to them.

Please do your best to help fill these hours. It is Fund raising  Event that helps the N.A. Firefighters Association support programs for needy children during the course of the year.

If you wish to help out for one shift or more (or even a partial shift) please send an email to with your schedule. Also please put me on copy so I can develop a Roster of Volunteers.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. There will be more info forth coming as we get closer.

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