KC1DKY Fox Deployed, Billerica, December 6, 2018

Nick Mollo, KC1DKY, writes on December 6, 2018 at 1:13 PM:

The KC1DKY fox is hiding in south west Billerica on conservation land.  Fox is on 146.565MHz.  Send a DTMF of 1 to activate the fox.  If the fox does not seem to be responding, send a couple DTMF # and then a 1 to possibly whack it back into shape.  The fox will signal for 30seconds and be silent for 15 sec, and repeat for 15minutes.  The fox is located around a quarter to third of a mile from the parking area and about 30ft or so in from the trail.  Don’t forget to sign the log book in the plastic bag next to the fox.  I recommend some boots, as there are a few mucky spots on the trail.  Dress warm too – cause baby it’s cold outside 😉

                GOOD LUCK and 73!



*******SPOILER ALERT*******


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  1. Nick Mollo, KC1DKY, writes on December 10, 2018 at 1:12 PM:

    I retrieved the fox today during lunch (it was still running, which is good to know). Two hunters were successful in finding the fox:

    K1IG – George on Saturday morning at 10:52. It took him 25 minutes on foot.
    W1FDR – El Burro Loco, Bob. He ran into George on Saturday morning, and he was hunting for 40 minutes.

    Congrats OMs! These guys braved the elements and still had a good hunt. I encourage everyone on this list to go out and search; get some fresh air; hone your skills. I hope to get one more deployment in before the holidays, especially since it looks to get a little warmer this coming weekend.

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