Dan’s Tech Night, Ayer, March 14, 2019

Dan Pedtke, KW2T, writes:

TechNight is Thursday, March 14, 2019 at 7 PM, at the Grady Research building in Ayer. See www.DansTechNight.com for details and directions.

This week we are back to the Tech Night Radio project.  I now have most of the schematic done and getting ready for the proto board layout.  We’ll go over some of the schematic, then I want to talk about one of the most useful and cheap electronic parts there is, the XOR logic gate.  I’ll show how it can be used as a buffer, inverter, schmitt trigger, level translator, polarity control, frequency doubler, phase detector, relay driver, and maybe other things I think of.  And it’s 8 cents!  I will also bring in the latest electronic mouse trap and show you what’s inside.  There is very high voltage…

Hope to see you there.

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