VHF/UHF Activity Nights

Roger Coulson, WA1NVC, writes on the NEWSVHF list:

Please spread the word as we try to promote SSB activity on the VHF bands. Maybe some of the NEWS group members would like to join us for an old fashioned activity night.

Kim, WA1PBU, in Bolton MA and myself, WA1NVC, in Framingham MA are promoting the old activity nights: Monday – 2m, Tuesday – 1-1/4m, Wednesday – 70cm, Thursday – 33 cm, etc.  I have been promoting repeater activity on “220 Tuesday” and “900 Thursday”.  Now we are promoting SSB activity on Monday – 2m, and on Wednesday – 70 cm.  Our schedule is as follows:

Monday 8 PM local time 144.195 USB

Wednesday 8 PM local time 432.100 USB

WA1PBU is at a much higher location and has much better coverage than I do. I am on the northeast side of a hill with poor coverage towards CT.  I have good coverage east of I-495 and to the North, Northeast, and Southeast.  Kim can reach easily into CT where I cannot.

We have had as many as 7 people on a Monday activity night.  We have not been so luck on Wednesday activity night.

There are lots of people with multimode rigs so lets get them on the air. We have worked people on 2m SSB using a rig connected to a 6m vertical, an attic loop, a UHF mobile antenna, etc.  Blow off the dust and give it a try.


P.S.  The equipment here is a Yaesu FT-736R, a Mirage B3016 amp, and a Cushcraft 215WB antenna at about 35′.

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