Fox Deployed, Westford, May 4, 2019

John Salmi, KB1MGI, writes on the foxhunting list on May 4, 2019 at 11:59 AM:

I placed the 2 meter Fox out in Westford.  On 146.565. Press DTMF Tone 2 to activate.

If you want to know the location email me at:

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  1. It is good to know there is some foxhunting activity in the Section.

    It will be good to know, though, when this particular fox is caught or retired. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Hi Doc!

    Welcome to the site! I try my best to follow up with the fox posts and post info on who found them, and when they go QRT. I may miss a few now and then but I get most of them. It’s too bad there aren’t any in the metro Boston area. I recall many years ago (the 90s?) when folks in the Boston ARC routinely put out fox boxes in the Boston/Cambridge area.


    Phil, K9HI

  3. Might be something interesting to take a look at at this end, Phil! I know I have a book about it somewhere, and creating foxes seems like a perfect little project.

  4. John Salmi, KB1MGI, writes on the foxhunting list on May 9, 2019 at 12:55 PM:

    I went to retrieve the Fox this morning and heard it transmitting. I called out on the Fox frequency and Alan KD1D was in Westford center tracking the Fox. I asked Alan to meet me at Mystery Spring on Tadmuck Rd. Alan tracked down the Fox as we talked.

    I found out the first day the Fox was constancy transmitting when activated. Reason why was I messed up the programming and had to return the the location to reprogram the Fox. I was walking back and low and behold I see W1FDR and the famous Dish coming down the trail.

    1st to find was
    W1FDR Bob

    2nd to find was
    K1IG George reports 50 minutes of driving and track the location down. 17 minutes on foot.

    3rd to find was
    KC1DKY Nick reports 1 hr driving and came in on wrong trail 30 minutes to find

    4th to find was
    W1HFN Barry reports 10 minute on foot to find

    5th to find was
    KD1D Alan reports 10 minutes to find on foot

    Congrats to all

    John KB1MGI

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