Dan’s Tech Night: TRL-SDR and Miscellany, Ayer, May 9, 2019

Dan Pedtke, KW2T, writes:

Hello past TechNighters,

It’s TechNight week again.  TechNight is this Thursday, May 9th, 2019, Grady Research Building in Ayer.  We’re going to talk about the RTL-SDR dongle (again, was a previous tech night, but now there’s a new one), and some other miscellaneous stuff, and the TechNight Radio.  The other stuff might include interesting things I bought at NEARFest last weekend.

See DansTechNight.com for details and directions.  A newer schematic and the PCB layout are posted for the TechNight Radio.

One of the issues with me talking about the Dongle is that it’s all about software, and I’m running LINUX and I think most others are running Windows, so I’ll try to get a couple things running in Windows as well, and bring both laptops.  Been kinda busy with work this week so I’m not so prepared, but so what, we’ll have fun anyway, and the cookies and coffee will be good.

Hope to see you there.

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