Volunteers Requested, Alzheimer’s Association Ride, June 22

Mark Richards, K1MGY, writes on the PART of Westford list:

For the past few years now the Alzheimer’s Association RIDE has been scheduled smack on the same day as Field Day, June 22.  Volunteer participation has been diminished, but acceptable.  This year, we’re in deep doo doo 🙂

I’m sending this appeal to PART.. for those who are NOT planning to attend Field Day and would enjoy working a worthy event. 

Volunteers are needed to provide communications support for this event.  There are three event courses, the longest being 62 Miles.  We use VHF Amateur Radio repeaters.  Operators will accompany experienced Alzheimer’s staff who provide SAG (Support and Gear) assistance to participants.  Coordination is managed at the Rye, NH event operations center. 

This is truly a lovely event.  Not only is the main site gorgeous, but the course route travels through some of the most picturesque areas of Rockingham County, NH and Essex County, MA.

We provide full documentation which will familiarize comms volunteers with the event and procedures.  This will be a great opportunity to travel :), and to work within a well-organized team in benefit of a very worthy organization.  New volunteers need not fret.  This will be an excellent introduction to practical Amateur Radio communications.

The Alzheimer’s Association really takes great care of their volunteers.  All you need is a mobile radio with mag mount.  (We can supply a few for volunteers who only own portables).

Please reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for your assistance.

Please respond to:

    Mark Richards, K1MGY
    Safety and Communications, RIDE to end Alzheimers
    617 592 4392

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