Hams Support Charity Road Race

Jeff Ayres WKID organized a group of hams to provide support for the Weymouth Food Pantry’s 5K Fresh Bite 5K Road Race. The race was held at Wompatuck State Park on Saturday June 15th. Joining Jeff was Anne Manna WB1ARU, Marcia Forde KW1U, Bob Mahoney KB1FBA, Jim O’Rourke WG1L, Larry Kenney W1VP, Rich Carnes, WA1RIW, Bob Azanow KA1KIJ, Rick Emord KB1TEE, Mike Davis WA1MAD and Greg Bennett KC1CIC who took the photo. WKID was NCS for the event. The hams got many thanks from the runners during the race and especially from the race organizers. Everyone had a great time supporting a great cause.

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