K1USN Radio Club QRV for Field Day, June 22, 2019

USS Lawence/ K1USN QSL cardMarty Koszewski, N1VH, writes:
ARRL Field Day is this coming weekend.  Marty, N1VH, is currently planning to operate a portable station for a couple of hours from the picnic area next to the parking lot at K1USN.  Marty’s station (Elecraft KX3) will operate 5 Watts via battery and solar utilizing portable antennas for 20M/15M/10M. No K1USN infrastructure (power & antennas) will be used.  Set up around 1:30PM and operations to run from 2:00PM – 4:00PM (will stay longer if others are interested).  Field Day operating class A or B will be used depending on the number of participants.  Computer logging will be available for the KX3 station.  The goal is to have fun, get on the air and test our portable gear & operations skills. Although we will keep a log, we are not “competing” for points.  
Please email Marty, N1VH  at mtkoszew@gmail.com if interested in joining him at K1USN Saturday afternoon or if you would like additional info.  Please feel free to bring your portable gear and ‘go’ boxes. A portable generator will be available if needed.   It is a great opportunity to dust off and test your portable gear, including antennas.  
The K1USN shack will be open for coffee, rest rooms, etc.

Thanks and 73.

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