SMS Callbook Service

Gerry Hull, VE1RM/W1VE, writes on the YCCC reflector:

I’m doing SMS work for clients, so for fun, I built an SMS callbook service. It started out with just the US callbook, but I found a better data source —, which offers most of the world.

There are three numbers you can access it from:

+1 (475) 275-7373  (475-CQL-7373)   * a Connecticut number*
+1 (782) 828-0001 
+1 (530) 482-0101

You can enter callsigns with phonetics — so you can use Siri, Cortana or Google hands-free to do the SMS for you.  Great when mobile and wanting to find out who is in front of you on the highway!

Totally free, unless your carrier is charging for SMS 🙂

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