Harvard Wireless Club’s 110th Year, and Fall 2019 Kickoff Meeting

Harvard Wireless Club official shieldWelcome to the Harvard Wireless Club’s 110th year!

We’ve got a variety of exciting events planned, so we’re kicking off with a meeting at 6 Linden St. on Tuesday 9/10 at 7 PM. Dinner (pizza) will be provided so feel free to send me an email if you have dietary restrictions for us to accommodate.

We’ll be going over the basics of ham radio (what it is and why it’s important), our plans for the year, and giving a quick overview of how the club runs. If you’re interested in amateur radio but unable to attend, don’t worry! Let us know and we’ll fill you in whenever is convenient for you.

For prospective members of the club, if you’re unsure about whether to attend, consider the following benefits:

1. No time commitment. We understand you’re busy (we are too!) so we’re not going to put you through a semester long comp. Pass an easy 35-question test with all the questions known in advance and you’re in.

2. Fantastic experiences. HWC members get to watch the Head of the Charles Regatta from rescue boats, do road trips to bounce radio waves off the moon, and have even been invited to present in foreign countries. I’ll always cherish my HWC memories as some of the most fun in college.

3. Freedom to explore. No matter what you’re interested in, from mountaineering to astronomy, radio technology can find a role. As a member, you’ll have access to the equipment and expertise you need to use radio technology in your life.

On a personal note, the Wireless Club has been one of my best choices in college. Come and try it out—you won’t regret it.

73 (radio speak for “best regards”),

Benjamin Lee
President, HWC

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