Flea at MIT, October 20, 2019

1964 Gemini BP CM for sale at MIT Flea.
The 1964 Gemini BP CM #MSC 312 capsule for sale at an M.I.T. Flea for $65,000. Now you just need a rocket.

Steve Finberg, W1GSL, writes:

The October FLEA at MIT is Sunday, October 20, 2019.    Also known as SWAPFEST it is held in MIT’s Albany Street garage near the corner of Albany and Main Street in Cambridge.

It features high-tech goodies such as electronics, computers and ham radio. “All things nerdly.”  
 We have had real Enigma machines to a NASA Gemini space craft  show up.
It starts at 9 AM for buyers and runs till 2 PM,  be early for the  good stuff.
All vendors are in the covered garage, which makes a weatherproof event.
Its not too late to be a seller; we usually have space for gate admissions. See our site for details and maps.     http://swapfest.us

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